Who we are:
FSIAG provides primarily Lepidopteran species to industrial agricultural chemical companies, academic and government institutions whose research and development operations rely on a consistent supply of insect specimens as a solid foundation for discovery.

The primary need for insects is to provide a consistent and reproducible baseline specimen for discovery and product development, starting from the initial screen through field evaluation of lead candidates, thereby enabling our customers to effectively characterize efficacy for both potential insecticide candidates and insecticidal traits engineered into plants for crop protection functions as novel agricultural product offerings.

Core competency:
Our core competency is the consistent scaled production and delivery of insect products, principally Lepidopteran species, of agricultural interest.

Comparative advantages:
  1. Fully integrated production systems that provide unparalleled process control and reproducibility
  2. Automation enabling large scale culture and biomass generation to meet supply demands within the Ag industry
  3. Staff expertise with years of experience in Insectary operations
  4. Proven processes and protocols
  5. Qualified raw materials and vendors
  6. Long standing exceptional track record of quality and service
  7. Integration into Frontier Scientific’s business portfolio, offering optimum logistics and services encompassing compound curation and availability, custom synthesis, screening, and protein expression

Business description and products offered:
The Insect Products business was established in the fall of 2002 and has since consistently serviced multiple clients in Industry, Academic and Government institutions with a robust predictable supply stream of the following species:

  • Spodoptera frugiperda – Fall Armyworm
  • Spodoptera exigua – Beet Armyworm
  • Heliothis virescens – Tobacco Budworm
  • Helicoverpa zea – Corn Earworm
  • Trichoplusia ni – Cabbage Looper
  • Plutella xylostella – Diamondback Moth

The insect cultures were established in 1998 after conducting a thorough screening protocol, and have been continuously cultured for over 16 years utilizing production systems that integrate media pasteurization with automated form fill and seal packaging technology to providing a high volume production capability with inherent process control and reproducibility. Staffed with experts in insect rearing with a proven track record of managing year round deliverables to order specification, Frontier Scientific is uniquely suited to provide for your insect needs and looks forward to further developing our relationship towards this end.

The intersection of chemistry, insect, and plant optimization